Zel Game Engine – Private Testing

Welcome to the official Zel Game Engine Private Testing page!

What is this?

A 2D Pixel Art Game Engine written in C++ designed to help you understand Data Oriented Design (DOD). The engine focusses on modern hardware and keeping code simple. Showing intermediate programmers that there is more than Object Oriented Programming (OOP).

On this page you’ll find all resources currently available for the engine. You can get access to the repository, look through the documentation or check out some examples.

When signing up for Private Testing you’ll have the chance to help develop this engine further. You’ll get the opportunity to test the game engine and provide valuable 1 on 1 feedback.

How to get started?

Please see the Getting Started section of the documentation for instructions how to setup the engine.

If you have any feedback regarding the engine itself, the documentation or the private access program, feel free to email me at zel@nvriezen.nl

Available resources: