Project Sunflower

The Story

Kika, the frog, has been asked to help a little village.
The village has lost all it’s colors and they can only be brought back by the power of the flowers.
Kika has to collect all 6 colored flowers and put enough of them into the shrines to let color flow back into the village.
With every bit of color restored, the people will get happier and color slowly comes back.


The game starts with 2 types of flowers. Collect sunlight with the Bebop by playing the mini-game.
Use the sunlight to grow the plants and make new cuttings out of them.
Trade flowers with friends, this way you will find new color types.
The villagers ask for your help as well. Take on some missions to receive valuable parts to help grow your plants more efficiently.
Combine different colored flowers on the Bebop to discover even more colors and help the village get their happy colorful life back.


The Bebop is a custom developed handheld device.
It has a color screen, 6 buttons, Infra Red and USB capabilities.
The most unique feature of the device is the UV sensor.
This way games can use the sun for unique mechanics.
You can take the device anywhere and even has a rechargeable battery. 

Q&A Live Stream

There will be a Q&A Live Stream on January 27th 2021.
You can watch the stream below. Questions can be sent in during the live stream or before hand on Twitter.
From technical questions to art related questions, you can ask me anything about the project.

    Screenshots & Renders

    Palette System

    The game uses a palette system. This enables us to manipulate the colors however we like. With this system I was able to implement a day and night cycle. In the morning everything is a bit more yellow and orange, while in the evening the colors turn a bit blue. The black frog in this image is the base image on which the colors will be applied.

    This game is developed by Niels Vriezen.
    For more information about him and his work please see here.