Project Gangan

A work in progress rally racing game that is made using my own proprietary game engine.


A work in progress rally racing game. It is made using the Zel Game Engine for current generation game consoles.
The game takes you through various landscapes inspired on real world locations. Mixing arcade fun with the kick of rallying through a top-down perspective. Unlock new cars and set the best times to become the best rally driver of the area.


The game takes inspiration from rallying. Throughout the world there are many rally races being held. Zipping through woods, across the countryside, over bridges. It’s something I want to bring to a gaming system through a top-down perspective. Old school videogame fun with the kick of rallying.

Take on around 10 stages and set the fastest time on each of them.
All stages will be inspired on real world locations. Unlock new cars to go even faster or to challenge yourself even further.

Unique Features

Stereoscopic 3D has come an gone many times. Personally I still think it can offer the player more than some people give it credit for.
There is luckily still a community around this feature and we just recently had to say goodbye to the Nintendo 3DS.

New technologies around 3D representation of virtual worlds are being actively worked on throughout the world. However those people who already have a 3D display or perhaps a VR system available, they can play the game in glorious stereoscopic 3D once it releases.


This game started as a Nintendo 3DS game. Unfortunately it’s not possible to release any games commercially for it anymore.
Therefore I am looking at current generation gaming consoles.

Currently no platforms have been decided yet. It will definitely first release on consoles, that’s for sure.
More information will be shared once I know more myself.