SUPER Food Frenzy

C#Nintendo Wii U


To test my skills and to get experience with the Nintendo Wii U platform I started this project.
All the programming was done by myself using the Unity game engine.

Some art assets were also made by me using Blender.
It was the first time writing shaders in Unity’s shader language. As well as designing a complete User Interface that includes options menus and a proper pause screen.

The game was entirely self-published.

Project Information

Development Cycle10 months
Release Date15 July 2021
Team Size1 solo developer (me)
PlatformsNintendo Wii U

Game Description

In SUPER Food Frenzy players battle against each other. You need to jump on your opponents to kick them out of the pan.
When a player falls outside the pan, they respawn, but their power bar also fills up.
When the power bar is filled, they can activate their powers and then simply hitting their opponents will make them fly through the stage.