Project Sunflower


Hardware & Software project


This Project focused mainly on hardware. A portable gaming system was developed by me using the Arduino platform as a base.

The USB HID protocols have been used to establish a connection between the gaming system and the Godot game engine. This way the two application could communicate with each other to exchange game data.
This functionality was packed into a dynamically linked library.

Besides hardware I also created the software for the handheld device. As well as a small videogame prototype using the Godot game engine. Which showcased how the device could be used in a gaming scenario.

Project Information

Development Cycle11 months
Release DateCanceled
Team Size1 solo developer (me)

Game Description

Project Sunflower is a game that uses a uniquely build handheld device to interact with the world through various sensors.
The most important sensor is the UV sensor to let the player go outside in a playful way.
Collect sunlight to grow flowers in both the handheld and computer application and bring color back to the frog village.