Normal and Normals
In the little time I had today I managed to fix one of two problems. I say two problems and not one, because I noticed some normals were still not correct. Those normals are specifically the ones pointing to the top right of the screen for some reason. Since it’s so specific I hope to find a fix soon tomorrow. Though the normal for the first tile that the algorithm finds is now correct.

I am already thinking about all those things I can start working on now. But I think I have to tackle some more hard problems next. Though maybe it’s a smart move to clean up the code from the collision a bit. First removing any unnecessary, turned off, code. Then making sure I have uploaded this version so that it’s safe. After that I can see how to improve and minimize the code. For example the generation of normals should be way smaller. It’s all written out by hand now, while a for-loop probably works just fine.

Last modified: November 9, 2022