A very quick update. I think I fixed the tilemap generation. It at least doesn’t get stuck anymore. Added an extra loop that removes invalid edges instead of doing it while the normals get calculated. That makes the normals loop simpled as well. Though I just can’t see if they are correct now and also time ran out. Maybe I can test it on my way back home.

I completely forget about exporting the generated map to the asset pack file. So that is something I need to plan in somewhere. But I first may work on batching the tiles together for faster rendering. Since I think that can be more easily done on the train rides.

Managed to work on the tile batching on my way home. I’m wondering if it will work correctly with the way I implemented it now. If I remember correctly how the sorting works, then it should. A batch is currently just 1 tile big, so the rendering works just fine. So next time it would be trying to actually make it work with multiple tiles. Placement of the tiles is the thing I’m concerned about and after that the depth may be a problem.

Last modified: May 11, 2023