We started a little overhaul of the debug UI system. The idea is to make it easier and even possible to tear off hierarchies. So that you can have nice submenus in the debug UI. Things that can get expanded or place menus in multiple places. All kinds of neat stuff actually. Just a lot of work to type it all in correctly haha.

Still my coding speed is awful. Only did 4 videos. Maybe could have done 5 because I got a visitor today. However it’s still not 6 videos. I do think it’s not per se that I got slower or something like that. I am just slow and the videos contain less explaining now. So I have to pause the video more often to get what Casey is doing. My typing did get a tiny boost of me realizing I am so slow. Hopefully it will become easier and easier to type faster.

Took 2 hours to get through another video. Got stuck at one point because of a stupid typo… Though in the end it was actually an old enum value that was still there. While it actually should have been replaced.

At least the game works again and the debug hierarchy as well. Lots of stuff left to do though. Can’t wait to be done with this structural stuff and create some new debug view. Though it’s important to get this base working well, sort of.

Last modified: January 9, 2023