Well hello there. You may have noticed it already. I’ve been looking at getting website posts on here as Discord posts. This way I only have to type these messages once and publish both on my website as well as on Discord.

So it took a lot of fiddling and looking at the documentation. But I think it works now. There may be some small things I have to tweak. But apart from that I should now be able to publish all my devlogs to my website. Making this a bit more accessible for others.

It also means all things I say in these logs will be publicly available. So I have to be a bit more careful now. My struggles will also be more public, but I think it’s important to share those as well. Hopefully at the end of the project or in a couple of years time I can look back at this and see how much I’ve improved.

I did actually work on the tilemap again. Moved the code to it’s own file. Was surprised how simple it was. I mean it was not the first time. But pick any C++ project from the internet and try to move a function to an external file. Good luck getting it to compile again haha This was just so easy and predictable. I like that!

So the only thing I had time for was changing the brush from a square to an almost circle. I say almost because I noticed two sides had 1 extra pixel. Probably some rounding stuff happening there. We will fix that tomorrow or this weekend.

Last modified: September 20, 2022