I’ve managed to get the code working again. That means I can load the old tilemap, but conversion hasn’t happened yet. I did saw some problems with my code after checking the flow. As I wasn’t really saving the actual collision shapes. Now they should get saved and loaded correctly. I do have to check the whole flow again, after I fixed the last compiler errors I just introduced.

Next time I will definitely handle it a bit differently. I now used macros to have different structs for the new and old tilemaps. It’s just a mess. I think simply using new structs with the "_new" suffix works fine enough. Then when all code works, you simply remove the old struct, remove the suffix. The compiler will help you from there probably. But hey, I think I can get it working tomorrow.

Otherwise I at least can use the old map again 🙂 As I was thinking of maybe making a sort of tiny tech demo next week. Which would just be the end scene of a stage. I have a sort of prototype for that working on Petit Computer on 3DS. But it would show what I want to achieve and shows the engine working on a console.

Last modified: September 7, 2023