I Hear Something
After another great 6 videos we have arrived at some sounds getting played. Progress is now going quickly it feels like. However I have already seen there is still a lot of work to do on the assets side. Casey is also not going to cover asset pipeline tools, so that is something I need to spend additional time on.

But I could use my recorded sound samples from a rally I’ve been to. It now can play the sound on startup and when the player gets spawned. It’s pretty nice to learn how easy sound can be. As well as how easy a mixer can be. I wish I had the time and resources to make my own audio library for my day job. That would have helped us a lot I think. And wouldn’t even take too much time initially.

I did had some problems with memory. I’ve already experienced a bug before last week. But I could still keep playing when I just retried to boot up the game a couple of times. Therefore I didn’t bother to fix it yet. Now it was probably preventing the game from running at all. My hypothesis was correct after finally realizing what the problem was. I simply was using the wrong memory area in the threads. This invalidated the transient memory and therefore the game complained. The code is already so solid though that it’s relatively easy to find these issues. I can’t wait to improve the debugging tools next month. Definitely happy I started following this series. I just hope I can apply all this knowledge once I decide to fully leave the videos behind me and go all manual.

Last modified: November 7, 2022