Further Improvements Through Debugging
Sorry for the late update today. I am happy that I at least did work on the game today. Not even on the 3DS part.

It was just all about debugging today. Finding out that I deleted something I shouldn’t. Really wondering how I could think I didn’t need to add 1 extra tile to the tile region. As when the entity moves, it won’t check the next tile in front, unless the tile region is overlapping it. But the moment the tile region overlaps a solid tile for example, then it would also collide with that tile. So at that point it is too late for our resolver. Since that wants to know ahead of time if we collide with a tile.

Another thing was also that I forgot to turn of 1 line of code. Just 1 line of code was messing with me. It meant that the delta movement was added twice instead of once. Obviously the code won’t work correctly at that point. But this took a pretty long while before I had found that issue.

3DS Rendering
As you may have already noticed I have made some good progress on the rendering for 3DS. I am now able to render exactly one quad per frame. Doesn’t sound like a lot, however the next step is to get the vertex buffer working. Which gives the renderer the capability to render multiple quads. Luckily for me the example code and handmade hero are a pretty big help. As well as having figured out some details myself beforehand. I’m just wondering when to clear that vertex buffer or if I should keep track of two of them. Once I have researched that, it should be pretty easy to implement. Very excited once again!

Last modified: August 7, 2023