Only Two
I was thinking I could somewhat easily get another 6 videos ticked off. However, Saturdays rarely give me the time I think I will get from them. Videos went slow and some other small things happened. So in the end I only really had time for two videos.

The Sunday then gave me time for another video. I thought this one would be about changing the debug settings system from being macros to something stored at runtime. That would take away the part of having to recompile to change debug settings. But I misunderstood the title and it wasn’t such a special episode in the end. Doesn’t mind though, we’ll get there.

And the reason I want to get rid of the macro version is because of consoles. Can’t easily recompile and upload the new DLL from and to the console. Though in the end I can still work on those version and play with the code. I would just not have debug tools. I thought it would break the codebase, stupid me.

Last modified: January 9, 2023