Wrong Axis
I managed to get the right axis and points to show up on screen. So when a collision happens I have now visual feedback on what points were used. As well as what the direction and length is of the collision.

At first only the Y axis seemed to show the right values. Until I realised that the points and the axis were not in sync. So I looked at the code again and saw that only the last generated points were used. instead of the ones that actually provided a collision.

Now the values of the collision with the smallest penetration is used. So that shows the correct values and axis. But it also shows that everything is already working as intended. Which I wasn’t really expecting. Though to be fair, maybe some edge cases will pop up. I haven’t checked those yet, though I think those came from having to pick the final collision to use from multiple tiles.

Yesterday I also made a start on 3DS rendering of a simple triangle. It made me realise how much work this will be. Though I have plenty of time for the goal I have set myself. Which is September, maybe half way September. But plenty of time left in the weekends and the evenings.

Last modified: July 6, 2023