Video Speedup
Surprise! Managed to watch 8 videos… sort of. Casey spent one and a half video just implementing cutscenes. So I could simply skip those. I think I do want some simple cutscenes in the game. Just to make the story more clear to the player. However I don’t deem it that important right now. But I also don’t have a super clear vision for it or any art. That’s why I could skip some stuff.

There was no debug stuff in these videos at all anymore. So it was mostly about meta game stuff. Switching between title screen, main menu and the actual game, that is. I expected him to do some fancy system or something. Though it’s basically just a super simple state machine haha. Fix what ain’t broken, right?

The only thing I take away from it, is that unions are very powerful in some cases. It’s way better than using a void pointer and allocating the memory somewhere else. These tiny bits of insights will help a lot down the line. As last week has shown for me at my day job. Really improving a system and making it rock solid based on all the things I’ve learned from the Handmade Hero series 🙂

I was hoping to use the trees I created for the game. However when trying to draw them the game crashes. Or rather an assert fires. But the weird thing is, the render group is suddenly set to all zeros. Like something just clears out all the memory. Though it happens in the middle of a function and even when single threaded. So I have really no clue at all what is happening there. It does worry me a bit. Hopefully it won’t take me days or weeks to find the cause…

Last modified: February 7, 2023