Bug Fixing
Last Monday I thought I had two videos left, with one containing debug stuff. Apparently Casey just started with implementing cutscenes… So instead of following those videos I decided to fix a bug that snug in the last time. Which was just an order issue. One variable got set before the other. Swapping those two instructions fixed the problem and debug storage is therefore now working correctly.

After that I was thinking about a lot of things. Do I need to create some cutscene art? Do I know how I want my cutscenes to work? Will I even have cutscenes in the end? Maybe I can use it as intro at the start of a level? So many things passed my mind.

I ended up making art for the titlescreen… The trees I made for the sort of concept art got separated from that concept art file. Then I picked one of my photos I made and started sketching trees. So now I also have a tree from the side view 🙂 I am starting to figure out my way of working for trees and such kinds of single objects. To then be able to make a bigger image with it, like a row of trees in the background. Though I hope I can use the trees images for the videos tomorrow, since Casey has a bunch to work with. I only have the trees and cars…

Last modified: February 5, 2023