Asset Memory Management
Another week, this time filled with bugs. When trying to fix the asset memory management some bugs got into the code. The audio sounds awful at the moment and I think it shouldn’t get evicted. However it is getting evicted, which is definitely sounding bad. I hear all kinds of clicks in there now.

Luckily it was also the start of font rendering. Casey has shown a good library which I think I was using in my first version of the game engine. The STB libraries are good libraries. Easy to use, only one file to include, no compiling headaches. In my old engine I used it for loading PNGs and stuff. Of course that whole art asset pipeline is different this time around. But for loading fonts it’s pretty neat. And I can actually use the STB image loading library in the future again. That would make it easier for me to load PNGs and other file formats for art.

I’m just not feeling great about all the new bugs that got in. I think a lot is just typos, as I already found 2 or 3 in only 10 minutes. But tomorrow we will work on other stuff again. Back to collision problems (oh no, please send help…)

Last modified: December 5, 2022