As I said yesterday, I worked on the collision again. The loop is now working after I redid it completely. I also realised I don’t need the diagonal checking at all, so that is removed.

The parts that worked now seem to have the correct points and therefore lines getting generated. However, there is a lower-level issue where not all the edge tiles seem to be initialized correctly. The points should start at 0,0 but for some tiles they appear above them. For others they are not drawn at all. So that’s a task for the other days. After that I need to implement the actual collision checking. But we are getting close now 😀

In the train back home I managed to spend some time on the collision system. However I couldn’t figure out what is going wrong there. Someone did notice me working on the game. When she left the train she wished me good luck with debugging. That was a fun moment. It didn’t help though haha. I guess we’ll have to see what Thursday brings us and if we can then find the problem.

Last modified: October 5, 2022