Collision Point
The mission for today was getting visuals for how far a collider went into the other one. However the current stuff that gets rendered is showing the incorrect closest point. As well as the difference between that point and the distance inside the collider seem also wrong. So to cut a long story short, I should fix that part of the code where the first moment in time where a collision will occur is calculated. Once the visuals seem correct I can move forward again to the next stage.

I got the 3DS port working again. Of course there is still a lot missing. I haven’t checked it well, but it seems it is now loading or at least trying to load bitmaps. I turned off the tilemap loading, since that is still taking up too much memory. However once the game is running, you should also be able to drive around without any tiles. As the tilemap is getting generated on the fly as well. Only if there are no tiles underneath the player of course.

So next up would be to port some code needed for the rendering over. Like clip rects, they weren’t a thing before. So once that is added, I can start working on the renderer I guess. While in the meantime also reducing the tilemap footprint. At least nice to see a color on screen again and no errors!

Last modified: July 4, 2023