Today was a pretty productive day. Bit of cleanup on the rendering side. As well as getting it to render independently of resolution. However that part doesn’t work yet. I didn’t want to go the route Casey had chosen for his game. Project Gangan is a pixel art game and therefore I would not like it to use some vague pixel alignment. I want it to be pixel perfect when we talk about alignment for bitmaps. So I have to come up with a different way of calculating stuff and getting it to render on a big screen.

But as I just said I couldn’t get it done. Something to work on during the evenings this week. Once that is done though we are pretty far with the renderer. The other thing I definitely need to fix is the shader that does the sampling. Haven’t found the main issue there yet so lots of things to do.

Managed to get the resolution independent rendering working before my soccer training. It’s a bit fiddly as I just had to multiply some stuff with the metersToPixels variable. But the important part is that it works now. That means tomorrow I can continue with the collision stuff. I’m looking forward to it 🙂

During the week I will have to watch a video from the series. Since after that we will get to the SIMD stuff. So this week is all about finishing the rendering now. Then next Monday we can start fresh with SIMD goodness. I think SIMD nowadays is pretty important. Basically every processor has some SIMD instructions set available. However I never used in for Unity games. Even in school we learned about threading, but didn’t learn about SIMD instructions. Which to me seem to be way simpler to use and can give a lot of performance boost. Without changing the way stuff works that much. That’s why I don’t understand it’s not really a thing in Unity and C# the last time I checked.

Thanks for reading and good night for now 😀

Last modified: October 3, 2022