Debug UI
After last Monday not being able to complete the videos I was planning to watch, I finished them today. I sort of completed them before lunch, however somehow I was still doing some small stuff until two hours after lunch. The result is very welcome though. As now there is a simple memory profiler in there as well!

The other thing I had planned for today was planning what is next. Not taking into account the train rides by the way. So this planning is pure for all the Mondays.

I am a bit afraid that I will slack off our just won’t be able to work at the same speed as the videos. Since Casey from the Handmade Hero series knows a lot of things up front. Has many years of experience. I don’t have those advantages, so I will probably have to figure more stuff out. Think about things for longer. But I will at least try to work as much and as hard as possible. Trying to analyze myself while working, so that I don’t overthink things. Or when I get stuck somewhere that I condense the problem down into smaller bits until I am not stuck anymore.

So I basically wrote out in a spreadsheet what videos I think are relevant for me and the project. I think I ended up with around 100 videos let to watch… A bit too much if you ask me. But I did plan some for the next week and basically the rest of the coming three weeks or so.

The big overview, basically after those videos, are of course the interesting parts of the planning. That’s the moment I am really on my own. And I think it’s time to focus more on gameplay. When writing down the things that I could come up with, I sorted them on priority as well. And planning the most important things first, I came up with a date for a possible demo of some sorts.

This demo would focus on the feel of the car. As this is going to be a rally game it should feel like a rally game. I have roughly in my head how I want the behaviour of the car to feel. So that is what I can test on for the demo/playtest.

Demo or Playtest
At the end of the summer the demo would be ready. I do have some space in front. So there is even some stretch in the planning. I hope I don’t need it, but experience learns that it definitely will be needed. And I think having this planning as a hard target will help me prioritize certain parts as well. If the time is up, then it basically is really done for that week and I need to move on to the next thing. I can always come back later as long as I leave it in a working state.

After the demo there is still a long way to go. The demo will not be a visually impressive one for sure. Basically what you see in the screenshot below, that is it. So after the demo/playtest is done, the first thing I will focus on is implementing feedback and fixing rendering. There are a lot of artefacts and features missing. As well as some performance things that need to be taken care of.

Not that you it is interesting, but you can see the planning below. (Yes it is partly in Dutch)

Last modified: April 3, 2023