Post Processing?
Yesterday just before I fell asleep I was thinking about some post processing filters. Today I tried to test and sort of implement at least one of them. I looked at the packaging of Nintendo Pocket Football Club. Besides confirming my idea of adding depth of field to the game. It also made me think about film grain, rim lighting and gradients.

I think I managed to implement a very basic version of lens blur. It’s not dynamic or anything. But I got a grasp of the basic idea and I managed to work with it. So after that I looked into film grain. I really want to know how that looks on the game. Didn’t implement it fully. But at least found a very good and interesting blogpost about it.

I’m getting really excited about these techniques now. I finally have an idea of how the game can look. But more importantly to me, how to differentiate the game and push it’s visual a bit more to the modern era. We both have to see if I can pull it off. And ideas don’t always work out in practice. Time will tell in this case 😉

Happy new year everyone!

Last modified: December 31, 2022