Tried to fix the last bit of the collision puzzle. Found out that I actually need to bake in the normal direction for the tiles. Otherwise you can’t know which side of the collision line is the wall. So when generating the tilemap I have to bake in the normal direction. That should make it possible to have all colliders work in the correct direction. Which would mean there is only one problem left to solve.

I also watched another Handmade Hero video. This time implementing orthographic projection. Which is what I wanted to use, however the perspective projection gave me an idea for the game. So I am thinking about using some kind of hybrid projection. Which would probably boil down to just parallax scrolling with orthographic projection.

However I have to note that I broke perspective projection. It was sacrificed for the orthographic projection. They really should be working both. The renderer feels a bit wonky for me right now, so I want to rework it once I have some time. Collision is my main focus for now.

Last modified: October 30, 2022