I still had to fix the cursor I was trying to reimplement. It took me way longer than expected. Until I saw what was wrong… I was trying to add a float value, to an integer. Well that gets truncated then. Not so smart, but that at least explains why nothing was working.

With still time left and not wanting to start on something else I went back to car physics. It’s clear that the drag part is messing things up. Not only that though, the acceleration is also not what it should be. At least how it relates to the angular velocity. So I have to carefully examine it.

I think the most logical thing is to first get stuff right again with the wheels. Which does involve the lateral drag, which is problematic. So first fixing cornering at low speed and making sure all that is correct. Then I can look at higher speeds and come up with something to fix that part.

I’ve been trying some things on my way home, but basically only made it worse. There was really no useful thing coming from it. I think I should just put back the old code and start tweaking from there.

Last modified: June 1, 2023