Multi Rendering
The plan for today was to look into that multithreaded rendering and then relax. Well, it didn’t completely go like that. Yes, there is now multithreaded rendering. I’m not sure if it actually helped with performance. You would think it did, but I have the feeling it doesn’t make that much of a difference. I could verify it, but not really interested in that at the moment.

Horizontal Timing
That is also because I moved on and watched another video. So videoCountForThisWeek went up by 1. Which is now at 12 videos total.

Now I have some nice horizontal timing bars you can click. Which then show you what child functions are running. You can click those as well, until the application crashes. There is just some stupid hardcoded number in there. These things need to be tweaked and handled a bit differently.

However it’s already pretty clear that all time goes out to rendering. Almost no time is spent on actually updating the game. Heck, when you disable profiling and enable optimizations the whole game runs within 6 milliseconds. Not using any hardware rendering, 6ms to run everything on the CPU in software. Pretty neat!

Last modified: December 30, 2022