New Year
If you read this you have entered the year 2023. Again, happy new year!

Debug UI
Continuing on from last year I am working on debug UI. A radial menu has been implemented. As well as a very early hierarchical list menu.

Couldn’t get some bonus videos in today unfortunately. Some things took longer than expected, especially this evening for some reason. Nothing to do about it. As long as I get the 6 videos per week in it’s good though.

I am not a fan of how we are managing debug options though. It’s all done via macros. The game actually recompiles itself, which is pretty cool. Though toggling an option is slow and it brings some wonkyness with it. It also is not very portable to consoles, which are my main target. So this system will be changed sooner or later.

Just for fun I took a quick peek at LLVM and if I can compile with that. Apparently there is a linker as well now. So I should be able to compile and link the game completely with LLVM. Compiling seemed to work apart from some LLVM specific errors. Could be nice and probably faster to compile the game with LLVM. That would harmonize it all a bit and make it easier to port I think.

Last modified: January 2, 2023