Car Physics
The time has come to work on car physics again. It went rather well up to a certain point. Not much has been gained today, since I basically had code that almost did the same. It actually worked though.

Maybe if the new code worked it would be a better setup. But reading the article again from which the old coded originated, I doubt it. The angular drag is the biggest problem. It should not just work this time, it should work and feel good. And I guess the old code didn’t do that as well.

So I am already pretty frustrated and done with this… I definitely don’t want to make games with physics after this. I don’t get how so many people can make a car game with somewhat okay physics. And I can not do it after many tries and hours wasted. Having had physics classes for 6 years or so. Really frustrating, but my own fault I guess.

For me it’s clear that I don’t want to waste time during the week on this. So this will be a Monday only thing to work on. I have to get back to it on Monday. But I don’t want to waste another dozen hours. I am really struggling with how I should handle this problem. In the meantime see this awful gif showing the awful code.

Last modified: May 29, 2023