Debugging the Debugging
As the title suggest I continued on from yesterday and worked on the debugging. Got almost 6 videos in. One is left, maybe for tomorrow or something. Glad I could end the day with some working code! Took a bit of time to get it working and debugged a lot.

Now the game has a nice working diagram that can show you where the time went. Currently most time goes to the updating of the game. Which also includes rendering, so it’s not so weird. Though I did notice how Casey is rendering multithreaded and I am not. I thought he only rendered the background multithreaded. But actually the whole renderer is multithreaded. So I want to look into that tomorrow so I can have an even quicker engine.

Still some nice visualisation things to come. Pretty fun to make your own debugging tools you know. I mean these past two weeks I basically recreated the Unity profiler. Couple things missing, but those get addressed in the next couple videos. This series does make me appreciate Unity more. But there are still things that really question their decisions in some or a lot of cases.

Yeah that’s it for today. Have a nice one!

Last modified: December 29, 2022