Dragging Entities
After fixing a small typo in the profiler code, I could get back to the level editor. Last time I was thinking of dragging entities around. This way I can easily place the trees where I want them. And later on all other kind of entities that I will need for the game.

This turned out to be implemented quicker than I had thought. The hardest thing was getting the WasHeld function to work. Which should return true when a button on the controller (or keyboard) is held down. Why was this the hardest part? Because the input code uses a bit of a different philosophy than I am used to. So I had to wrap my head around it, though in the end it wasn’t that hard.

I guess it’s just nice that after yesterday this went a lot smoother. The only things that are missing now are adding entities and actually saving the level. Again, I can probably use the debug UI for the former feature. The latter takes a bit more work. Though it’s something I very much like to learn more about.

It probably ties into saving and loading the tile map as well. I am just not certain yet if I want to have a separate application for the tile map. And how I would go about creating such independent tool. As it would probably need to share a lot of code with the game for types, etc.

Last modified: March 28, 2023