OpenGL Problems
Yesterday I closed the day with OpenGL problems. Therefore I only saw a black screen. Though I didn’t know what exactly was going wrong. This morning I could easily find the issue. It was actually just a line of code I deleted and forgot to add back. Therefore no pixel format was being chosen and as a result of that no modern OpenGL context being created. So once that was in everything immediately worked out 🙂

Rendering Perspective
Currently the rendering is a bit janky. I thought it would be a somewhat good idea to look into it. Because I definitely don’t want to get back into the collision stuff again haha.

At first I thought it had something to do with the resolution. Though in the end that is actually not the case. But it is very clear now that the camera bounds are WAY too big. Rendering around 107.000 tiles, while only 91 would be necessary…

While changing some variable based on the resolution did actually show the screen bounds correctly in perspective mode. It still was rendering that huge amount of tiles. So the problem lies somewhere else and that’s what I need to find out. Though I am happy to know that in the level the perspective works correctly. Maybe it’s just the rectangles that work and not the bitmaps. But I was afraid I screwed up along the way and had to fix even more. Now I know that is not the case 🙂

As a bonus, check out the game rendering way too many tiles.

Last modified: February 28, 2023