I’m Back?
Let’s start this devlog with a little update for the past two weeks or so. As you may have noticed I haven’t posted anything on here for that time period. Which usually means one thing and that is that I didn’t do any work. Unfortunately that is correct.

I was in London for 5 days. On my way back home I wanted to get some work done since it was on a Monday. However I didn’t do anything other than playing a game on my 2DS during that ride. The days after I wasn’t travelling to the office, so that time was also lost. Together with that following Monday. Which I think is a big deal. But I just wasn’t able to work that day.

So fast forward to today. I am behind, but luckily some parts that were planned for last week were already being worked on. And a little buffer has been calculated into the planning. I could do some work to catch up in the weekend, but past results show that I usually don’t do much in the weekends either…

GPS Data
I just continued where I left off today. Only one day to work on this, but at least I am doing something again. Which is way more important than actually getting stuff done at this point.

So I did not get the GPS data to load from a file yet. Which I didn’t expect because I basically need a parser for the GPS data file. The rest of the code is basically already in the project. Hooking that up correctly and moving some code around should make it more streamlined to use in the level editor. Can’t wait to play a bit with GPS datathe coming days. But it will probably break the tile system haha. We’ll see though.

Last modified: April 28, 2023