Top Clocks
The biggest addition of today is the top clocks view. This shows the functions that take up the most time at the top of a list. Showing how many cycles it takes on a frame and what percentage that is of the total. Pretty useful stuff if you ask me.

But that is not all. If you look at the image below, than you can see that the rectangle in which the list is show is clipped. The line at the bottom is only partially visible. Looks a bit more professional this way, besides being very useful of course. Since this way we can cramp more stuff on the screen, especially when we implement some scrolling in these windows.

However how the clipping is currently implemented is not of much use for the stereoscopic rendering. I do have a simple idea to improve it and make it usable for multiple views. But I think a different approach is more preferred.

Video Count
This was supposed to be the last day of following videos in chronological order. Unfortunately it was a very slow day. Only being able to watch 3 of the 5 remaining videos. While normally I aim for 6, so that shows how many time I’ve lost. Nothing to do about it now, it happens. There was just a lot of stuff to be done.

So this week I will try to finish the remaining 2 videos. After that I may use the Monday just to plan some months ahead. Deciding which videos from Handmade Hero (after the remaining 2) are of interest for me. And planning in some gameplay coding sessions. Because it is about time haha.

Last modified: March 27, 2023