OpenGL Multithreading
Today I had some other things to do unfortunately. One of those things was fixing my bike for example. Otherwise I can’t take the train tomorrow morning. Luckily for me I was two videos ahead and therefore managed to sort of get to m goal today.

I’ve watched 4 videos, which at the end broke the game. I am only seeing a black screen now and hear a very short sound. As if the game runs with one frame per forever… So I have to look into why OpenGL is not helping me out here. As the intent was to have texture uploading integrated that would get kicked off by multiple threads. Which would basically mean the game would never have to wait for textures. As my textures would probably be very very small in the end.

So to close off today, please look at some code running on a 3DS emulator. In the end it doesn’t work on an actual device. However I did get some code running and I am enjoying familiarizing myself with the system. Hopefully soon I will have some rendering working robustly. So I can slowly work towards a port of the engine, just for fun though.

Last modified: February 27, 2023