Continuing on from yesterday I managed to add some improvements to the rendering. I didn’t work on the texture filtering. I think I’ll be looking at that during the week when commuting. Instead, the next videos in the handmade series were about gamma correction. As well as lighting but I skipped those. Though he did talk about reflection and I do want some kind of reflection. But I think I’ll have to do that in a completely different manner. So that is something for a bit later and doesn’t really have any priority as well.

That means that at this point we are already getting closer to a fully working (but not optimized) software renderer. Just some cleanup is left as well as making it render indepedently of resolution. That means that after that we can try to run the game on Xbox again. As previously we couldn’t scale and the rendering target was way bigger. Because I am gravitating a bit towards making the render target not 480×240-ish but actually 1080P. As it would probably be easier to make the pixel art move smoothly but still look super crisp.

Looking Ahead I do also want to start looking at gameplay and running the game on other platforms. As we now have almost all the features in the renderer. For example, for rendering 3D it would be nice if we could test the game on Nintendo 3DS through homebrew. Just a lot of stuff I want to explore, but I also want to keep following the video series as there are a lot of fundamentals that are being worked out. And they all help running the game faster and better.

Last modified: September 26, 2022