Level Editor
Even though I started very late today, I did want to work on something. The decision fell on the level editor. Firstly looking into rendering the whole track and navigating freely in the level. I also wanted to be able to zoom in and out for easy editing. This way you can get a good overview of the track. However it must be said that the rendering is not made for this currently. The application can easily crash when you zoom out too much. The reason for the crash is simply not enough memory is getting allocated for all those extra draw calls. Not that the rendering is fast enough to even draw all those tiles haha.

After I could indeed roam freely through the level, I wanted some easy selection. It’s now possible to select entities. The entities draw their collision volumes so it’s easy to see where their origin is. As well as what even is an entity and what is not.

Because we can also have tiles in the level of course. These can not be selected yet, but that is sort of on purpose. The selection works, as there is a visual being shown over the tile. So in the future I want to click on tiles and place entities there. Things like trees for example.

However I think I do need some UI for that. I am just not sure yet if I want to use the debugging UI for it or not. As I don’t want the editor UI visible when returning to the normal game. Even with debugging UI enabled in the game. Having the editor UI there as well makes it a bit of a mess I think.

Last modified: March 26, 2023