About Yesterday
Yesterday I basically spend five minutes looking at the old code. It was just using the normals just like I am doing now. So I am a bit confused how it would properly offset the entity every time.

Back To Basic
Today I tried to remove a bit of code to clean it up. It was just not relevant code that got deleted. Then I turned a bunch of things off. I want to go back to a simple test case with visuals.

So no stopping of the entity. I just want to see what the final result would be. Then I added the nornal vector visual in. And that showed me some problems. What concerns me most is the fact that I don’t see a normal getting rendered when we are close to the edge. So that explains somewhat why the entity just stops and doesn’t move again. I have to find out why it doesn’t properly give back a time delta smaller than 1.0f. Then things may start to look better again…

So it actually does return a time delta smaller than one at the edges.
However the problem is that it also returns a time delta when it can still move.
I think I have a solution for this, but I had not time left to implement it.

Last modified: July 27, 2023