Quick update on the collision. It is still broken haha. In certain situations you can get stuck, so I guess I have to go back to it again…

Asset Loading Bug
Following on from Thursday I managed to find the cause of the problems. Which turned out to be something else than I was expecting to be honest. It basically boiled down to an incorrect cast. Instead of writing (zuint8*)result + size I wrote (zuint8*)(result + size). You see that very small but important difference? The result variable needs to be cast to an unsigned 8-bit integer pointer first, before adding size. Otherwise size would not be in bytes, but in 32-bit integers. Basically meaning size would get multiplied by 4. However I am stupid and wrote some parentheses around result and size… So in the end an easy fix which I tracked down relatively quickly 😀 Now everything loads perfectly fine again! ^^

Last modified: February 25, 2023