Scaling & Rotating
These two days were about getting scaled and rotated rectangles and bitmaps in the game. This was very fun to do and to play with. Just seeing how easy it can be to find short cuts in the math behind it. You just have to write out the equations and try sometimes. It can open up some possibilities and otherwise you know the bare minimum you need for the calculation.

We added bilinear filtering to the rendering as well. Unfortunately, this is not what anyone should want for pixel art. So, I wanted to modify the filtering to a hybrid that is perfect for pixel art. But I couldn’t figure out the code. I know I am close, but somehow things seem to be just one row to far off. Or just blending the wrong way. I have to look at it again some other time, but I have seen some promising glimpses. For now, I will just leave the normal bilinear filtering on.

Last modified: September 25, 2022