Today was the day of learning more about multithreading. I’ve used it before, it’s hard to do right. And it appears to always be hard to pull off correctly. It’s nice to see how in C you would do it instead of in C++. Just calling functions instead of these vague mutexes and stuff.

The stupid thing is that Casey from the video series is calling the Render call multiple times. For each ground tile he has he calls the function. I on the other hand only call it once. So there is really no benefit for me currently… Still good to learn about it and make a queue that actually works. I remember that my previous attempt in the old version of the game engine was rubbish. But really everything was rubbish and half-baked there haha. Though the engine runs pretty fast compared to Casey, so very happy with where things are going. I’m not excited to work on collision again tomorrow, but it has to be done.

Last modified: October 24, 2022