Debug Events
There was some cleanup happening today in the debug code. Mostly with debug events. Types got renamed, old variables got removed, constants were changed into events. So lots of stuff happened.

I failed again to do 5 or 6 videos. My own fault of course, just annoys me a bit. But really I can only blame myself for it. It means I have to finish 2 more videos this week. But after next week I’ll be out of debugging land and I can finally think about more gameplay stuff.

I don’t feel the excitement yet, but I’m sure it’ll come. It just feels a bit stupid to go over the debugging system multiple times. But every time at the end it was worth it to make the changes. Code gets smaller and simpler instead of more complex. So it’s all better in the long run 🙂

Soccer training was cancelled so I managed to watch another one and a half video. Didn’t have the mental energy to watch through the last one. Though most of it is Casey explaining. So it should be a relative short video. But that will be for Wednesday or something.

Last modified: January 23, 2023