I had a bit of a hard time deciding what to work on today. I was looking into that sRGB stuff previously, however Casey has a specific video about clearing the screen and sRGB frame buffers. So I rather watch that one and see what the caveats are of OpenGL and sRGB framebuffers. Though that meant I needed to work on something else.

In the end I decided to work on an editor. I think this is one of the important bits that is still missing. And a good editor can speed up game development tremendously. The goal currently is to navigate through a level freely and be able to place trees. Which shouldn’t be too hard to do since there is already entity selection (so tile selection). And moving the camera shouldn’t be hard as well.

I had the idea to swap the update function pointers from the game to an editor variant. That way the editor code would live in one file and would only be included on Windows in the windows layer. However this wasn’t the right choice. At least not the way I wanted to do it. As I still needed to include files from the game, which gave redefinition errors and what not.

In the end I choose the other route. Just in the game code I now have an if statement checking if editor mode is enabled. If so it would run a different function. But this all happens after memory areas and other important stuff has already been set up. So it’s much easier to implement this way. I guess I can always compile it out with some defined compiler symbols.

Last modified: March 23, 2023