Started the day with cleaning up my desk. I never really sit on this desk, mostly because there is no space haha. Since I grabbed my little CRT screen some months ago I could maybe set it up on the desk. For that to happen I needed to change the layout a bit and clean it up. I did want the other (normal flat) screen also incorporated. This way I could maybe make a nice test bench to test games on.

In the end I’m very happy how it turned out. I have both screen on there. Got rid of some trash. Most things that were already on the desk are still there. And I immediately used the desk as well.

As I said yesterday I wanted to look at the Xbox code. Since I updated the SDK I first had to get some basic issues out of the way. Took me longer than expected because I was trying to be somewhat smart, somewhat logical. But in the end I just made an empty new project. That project generated the files I needed for Project Gangan to run properly. Really weird I couldn’t find the files through the explorer.

Now it just crashes during the first frame. Which is what I expected to happen. So I’ll have to debug that.

However I then actually started setting up a Wii environment. Trying to port the engine without the rendering to Wii. But that didn’t go smoothly. It seems to freeze on some pretty normal code. Not even a for or while loop. So to fix that I also need to attach a debugger and see what goes wrong. That seems to be a bit of a hassle so I tried debugging without. I could only roughly find the spot where it freezes, but not really the reason why.

Last modified: October 23, 2022