Continuing on from last week I worked some more on Particles. Basically finishing the core implementation. The rest should just be tweaks and specific additions for the game later on. Car physics should first be implemented for that. The implementation is now basically that every type of particle has its own system that fills the whole screen. Emitters then make new particles show up. So attaching a dirt particle emitter to the car (or tires) will show some dust clouds behind the car. That is the idea at least, currently it just shows a fading out tile sprite.

Editor Merge
Secondly I decided to start finish what I’ve started in previous weeks so I can fully commit to the core gameplay next month. My thoughts landed on the editor and making it merge with the debug system that is in place. Mostly to handle button clicks better and make my life less frustrated. I think I pretty much succeeded. Almost all features got implemented, except the track generation. But that is completely fine. That code needs some additional work that I plan to do during this and next week.

That should be the only thing left to do though. Fixing the tilemap generation so that it’s somewhat properly saved to disk. Make it loadable during the normal gameplay. And finally cleanup the batch rendering as it’s pretty much hacked in now.

What’s Next?
After that all is done the focus becomes to make the car feel great. Together with adding a checkpoint system so that a player can actually go from start to finish. That’s pretty excited stuff to work on. Though there is still soooooo much more work to do on the engine side. This game won’t be done for a long while! But some pressure has been lifted lately. However I am not planning to let this game take 2 or 3 more years, maximum. (Yes that is still a lot of time, but making games takes a lot of time.)

Last modified: May 22, 2023