Day 150
Watched the 150th video from the handmade hero series. I should have watched two more today, but things were a bit slow. A lot of stuff had to be done on the asset system and it all went a bit fast sometimes. And there were the usual delays, like me forgetting to set the video to 1.5x speed.

However pretty exciting stuff to work on. As I now have an asset package file that contains all the games resources. Even better it is already getting used. The game currently sits at about 5MB. That is uncompressed so I am hopeful that I can keep it very low. Maybe around a couple 100MB would be cool.

Apart from that I will see if I can finish those other two videos throughout the week. Shouldn’t be too hard now that F1 is finished so I have a ton of time left on the Sundays 😉

Last modified: November 21, 2022