I’ve finished the videos for this week now, after that very slow Monday. However I watched an additional video. This gets into debugging information and the performance counters are updated. I think the next 20 or 30 videos will actually be about debugging. Displaying information, creating menus to hide information, actually keeping track of information, etc.

I’m really excited for this and I actually got inspired a bit by a debug build of Neko Tomo. Casey from Handmade Hero also highlights some very interesting tools. It just makes you realise how awful your current tools can be. Remembering that at work we had an issue were we would see a performance spike, but it was hard to find the right spot and know what exactly was happening. Well with the systems we already made during Handmade Hero we can make that kind of debugging a breeze. That excites me!

So I am looking forward to watch some more videos this week. But getting to a total of 200 videos before the end of the year is maybe a stretch.

Last modified: December 21, 2022