This week started off not so great to be honest. Since Friday we don’t have internet at home. Luckily for me I had a bunch of other stuff planned anyway. However it was still not fixed on the Monday. While this may have helped me to focus more on the project. Working on the project itself didn’t go so well.

I did basically work the whole day on the game. The full day was spend here. But that I get any results? Unfortunately not. I didn’t get anywhere and I just felt miserable.

That’s why I decided to leave the physics and collision code for what it is. It’s far from working. There is no gameplay. There is no basic collision. Heck, there is even no simple driving anymore. The game only went backwards instead of forwards.

But I can’t put more energy in anymore. I tried yesterday, I really did. I couldn’t think, I couldn’t fix any problems. It simply brought me nowhere. It’s the definition of wasting time at this point. No gains, no lessons, no new insights. Just a straight up waste of my time.

What’s Next?
So that brings us to the question of what is next. What will I work on from here? Will I get back to collision any time soon or even at all? And I just don’t know. I don’t know if I can get the energy for the collision and physics. Even if it would be a whole year from now.

Will I work on something else? The idea is to maybe work on audio or rendering. But even that I am not sure about at this moment. I want this game to be made. But without collision or physics there is no game. The engine can be used for other games for sure. So maybe that will happen at one point. Though it would be a shame to abondon this project now.

I’ll just have to think about this. What I want to do and want to achieve. It feels awful that I am unable to code a simple collision system. So my confidence is definitely gone. And that will probably impact my decisions for the next steps. I’m sorry if you’ve been following this journey for so long now. Only for it to get to this point, where basically the game got deleted instead of made. As it used to have working collisions and what not. But now it’s just some blurry images that don’t do anything.

Last modified: August 22, 2023