Tilemap Rendering
In the train I worked on the tilemap rendering to use bitmaps. However, I first changed the code to use the deferred rendering rectangle call. The position and dimensions were incorrect so most of the time went into fixing that. The code is now simpler though and can probably get even more simpler. As I think I can use the simregion bounds to get the tiles that I need to draw.

The bitmap rendering does now work somewhat. But there appears to be an issue with just the top row of tiles. Moving left and right doesn’t cause an error but moving up or down does. Of course, I first want to fix that issue before moving on.

Yesterday in the evening I did do some work on the rendering side as well. But it was just following one of the three videos that were left from yesterday.

Followed another video to catch up. Now all rendering calls go through the command buffer. Yes, I realize now that what we are making is a command buffer. Something graphics cards use as well. So, you can probably already guess how excited I am to keep working on this.

We are now also entering the scaling and rotating territory, so that makes it even more exciting. No new theories were mentioned, but it’s just great to see how educational this handmade hero series is. How much I learn from these videos and from experimenting for my own game. Quality of my work definitely goes up and I guess my day-to-day job is already benefiting from this. It also brings the fun back. I’m actually coding, on a low and high level. That’s what I like and what makes it possible to make something professional.

Last modified: September 20, 2022