Profiling View
New profiling views have been implemented today. Pretty nice to have the frame bars back, so it’s easy to see what the framerate is over time. As well as being able to see what is taking up so much time. Definitely happy with the results today, but it took a bit of time. Just barely could finish the 6 videos. Next week should be the last day to finish the debugging system for now. After that I’ll do a little post mortem I think. Looking at what things are missing, what I could have done differently, what parts of the engine could be improved, etc.

So today was really about the debugging UI. Improving the frame views and getting some buttons in there. Now I can switch between a "threads" view and a "frame bar" view. All built into the game, but I am thinking more and more about trying to offload it to a separate process. On the other hand, I have very little time in the end. So I probably rather spend it on different things. Like for example a built-in editor. I think I do want to push the PC version more and more towards an actual editor. I am not planning to release a PC version before the console versions. The PC version would definitely need way more work. So I rather use this basis to create a nice editor with hot reloading and profiling. Which can perhaps be used as a starting point for an actual PC release. But my focus is on consoles. And these nice new profiling views will help me with releasing a smooth experience 😉

Last modified: March 20, 2023