Rendering Layer
Productive day I think. I was helped by the fact I already watched 3 videos from the OpenGL part before. So I could skip those 3 videos and just follow from there. With the result that the rendering is now almost completely going through the GPU. Only one rendering call has not been ported which is somewhat specific to my code.

I am amazed how much faster the game runs now. It went from +20ms to 2ms. A 10x increase in rendering speed. And that is even just on the integrated graphics card. So what if I run it on my NVidia dedicated GPU?

Some stuff was pretty trivial to add. Like sRGB was easy to setup with OpenGL. However I now notice the colors are different than before. So I have to think about what that means exactly. Are my textures wrong? Are my color values just wrong? Is the framebuffer wrong? (Spoiler alert: It is)

For now, look at this beauty running at 60FPS locked haha (Yes it is way smaller than the window. I’ll fix that later)

Last modified: February 20, 2023