Instead of working on the collision I worked on the kerning during my train ride. Unfortunately I still do not understand why the spacing between the characters is so big. I also looked at the sample code from the STB library and I am using the values correctly. So somehow I am missing something and currently I think it’s with the character image being bigger than I expect. I can do some simple non-dynamic spacing if I can’t figure it out soon enough. But I feel like I should be able to do this, it’s can’t be that hard. This probably shows how bad of a programmer I am…

Managed to find the problem. It was AGAIN a very stupid little thing. I was adding the horizontal advance width twice… So stupid, but it explained a lot of things for me. However after that it was still a lot of fiddling with all the values. The letters are way better spaced now obviously. Not perfect yet, but I also don’t care for now. I can safely continue from here and first focus on some debug views. As I get more and more weird crashes. Which probably point to some nasty bugs, which hopefully will be easier to catch with some debug visualisation.

Oh, have an image of how awful the game looks right now.

Last modified: December 20, 2022